Diabetic coma first aid

Diabetes common acute ketosis, ketoacidosis and hypoglycemia, the occurrence of such accident and emergency severe cases usually lead to diabetic coma. If not where there will be life-threatening. Therefore, the understanding of diabetic coma first aid and nursing, to help coma patient, the patient's family or carers can take the right approach for treatment, thus avoiding further deterioration of the disease.

Ketosis, ketoacidosis lead to diabetic coma incentives, symptoms and first aid:

One, ketosis, ketoacidosis lead to diabetic coma incentives

    An acute infection, diabetes other than injury.

    2, eating sugary, too much fat food or taking insulin or interruption.

    3, vomiting, diarrhea and hunger.

    4, myocardial infarction.

    5, fatigue, stress and pregnancy.

Second, ketosis, ketoacidosis lead to aggravate the original symptoms of diabetic coma diabetic symptoms such as anorexia, thirst, urine, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, body aches, headache, dizziness, and even breath a rotten apple, blood pressure decline, rapid heartbeat, difficulty breathing, unconscious. Later the patient showed severe dehydration, oliguria, dry skin, eye subsidence, hoarse, blood pressure, cold extremities. Late a variety of reflex or reduced, and coma.

Third, ketosis, ketoacidosis lead to diabetic coma first aid

    1, the patient absolutely quiet in bed to keep the mouth, the skin clean to prevent infection.

    2, rehydration. Saline 1000 to 2000ml intravenous drip to supplement the amount of blood dissolved, improve blood circulation, kidney function and anti-hypoglycemia. Blood pressure, heart rate, urine output, decided to give the fluid speed. Under the guidance of a doctor.

    3, mild, morning urine ketone bodies can increase the dose of the long production of insulin before dinner.

    4, as a result of hunger caused by ketosis, should oral glucose.

    5, due to psychological stress may temporarily to the intramuscular injection of insulin 20 units.

    6, as a result of infection caused by infection control.

    7 shall promptly sent to hospital for timely diagnosis and treatment.

Low blood sugar lead to diabetic coma incentives symptoms and first aid

    A diabetes medication, oral hypoglycemic agents or insulin injections two methods. The results are easy to make the blood glucose lowering. However, the blood sugar drops too much, then, if used improperly, can cause hypoglycemia.

    The reaction of 2, if the patient because of various reasons appetite, or simply not eating, diarrhea, vomiting, but also taking down the glycemic agents or insulin injections in accordance with the usual level, not only hypoglycemia, severe cases can cause low blood sugar coma.

Second, low blood sugar lead to symptoms of diabetic coma

    Before palpitation, cold sweat, nausea feeling, gradually sleeping, and call not.

    2, the morning, how do not wake, covered with cold, showing a cold sweat, but found no obvious signs of life is not normal.

    3, history of diabetes, oral hypoglycemic agents, eating the last few days is not normal, diarrhea, vomiting, a fever, the gradual emergence of the disturbance of consciousness, trance and the development of coma.

Three, low blood sugar lead to diabetic coma first aid methods in the past history of diabetes, the onset of coma and can not find other causes, the first suspected a diabetic coma, may be unconscious principles of first aid emergency.

    (1) The head of the patient supine lateral side, to maintain airway patency, clear the vomit to prevent misuse attract a stifling.

    (2) careful observation of changes in condition, stopped breathing, give artificial respiration immediately.

    (3) promptly call emergency call, the patient quickly rushed to the hospital.

Due to diabetes-induced coma, in addition to the causes of low blood sugar, blood glucose was significantly elevated can cause hyperosmolar coma in a coma is not clear why it should not give the patient fed sugar water, so as not to aggravate the condition. To the consciousness of the patient to feed sugar water is likely to cause choking or even asphyxiation.

Diabetic coma first aid points:

    1, the past history of diabetes, the onset of coma and can not find other causes, first suspected a diabetic coma.

    2, according to the first aid principles of unconscious processing: to maintain airway patency, to prevent the aspiration of vomit.

    3, call emergency personnel, the patient to the hospital, we must first check your blood glucose to determine the direction of disease treatment.

    4 Do not feed sugar water to unconscious patients to avoid choking or even asphyxiation.

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