People with diabetes eat healthy longevity radish

Each part of the radish can have a different way of eating, from the top down carrot 1 / 3 more vitamin C content, but the texture is more rigid, should be shredded or bar, quick cooking, used to do with mutton filling, taste is excellent. Sugar content of more middle radish, crisp texture, can be cut into small salad, shredded sugar, vinegar mixed with cold dishes. The carrot tail more amylase and mustard oil a class of substances, some spicy taste to help digestion, increase appetite, if peeled raw, diabetic patients in lieu of fruit on the election.

Radish variety, more valuable is that each has a very good carrot consumption and medical value.

Eat white radish can be phlegm. White radish contains more than 90% moisture content, can promote gastrointestinal motility, promoting stool. Should be reminded that the best eaten raw or white radish salad, and Luobu Pi mineral and vitamin content is higher, food is best not to discard.

Eating carrots can grow tall. Carrots are rich in β-carotene, in the human body can be transformed into vitamin A, can effectively improve dry eye fatigue and eye problems. In addition, this substance or substances necessary for normal growth of bones, to promote the development of infants and young children is important. Cooked carrots is best to eat inside because it contains fat-soluble vitamins, eaten raw can cause most of the carotenoids can not be absorbed by the body. Carrots cut into pieces so it is best to use a pressure cooker with stew meat with food to improve absorption of carotenoids.

Eat radish diuretic. Upper sweet little spicy radish, spicy to the tail increasing, very resistant to storage. Health food is a typical species, also known as "fruit turnip."

Red Radish to lose weight. This radish contains fewer calories, more fiber, easy to produce a sense of fullness after eating, to help lose weight. It is also rich in anthocyanins, antioxidants. Vegetables containing the pigment, the color of acid stain more red after it. Red radish salad is best eaten when you have to buy more water pick....

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