People with diabetes can eat yam it?

People with diabetes can eat yam it? Yam contains amylase, polyphenol oxidase material is conducive to digestion and absorption of the spleen and stomach function, can make temper and stomach yin, is blindly reinforcing the spleen and stomach of edible products, suitable for diabetics.

Yam contains a variety of nutrients, there is a strong body, nourishing essence and effect. Yam in the mucus proteins have lower blood sugar, can be used to treat diabetes, is diabetic diet quality goods.

As for the beauty of the ladies, the yam is a natural slimming food. It contains enough fiber, high nutritional value and very little heat, have a sense of fullness after eating, the desire to eat to control weight-loss purposes. Want to lose weight can the yam as a staple food, both to avoid malnutrition diet, and can achieve weight loss goals.

Yam food and medicinal value is very high so that people with diabetes can eat yams, diabetes can eat foods are often cornmeal, buckwheat, oat, sorghum, rice, spinach, celery, leek, bean sprouts and so on.

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